Broadwater Lake, off Moorhall Road
Harefield, Middlesex UB9 6PD
10 mins from the M25/M40 junction

Race Information

This page contains all the information needed by those taking part in racing at the club and the Race Officers and their assistants who run the races.
There are copies of all these instructions in the desk at the club.  There should also be all the forms needed.
All documents are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (pdf's),  just click on the blue text that describes the document to view it and it will open in a new window, from which you can download and/or print it.

Sailing Instructions and Rule Disputes

Racing at Broadwater is guided by the RYA Racing Charter.
RYA Racing Charter Poster
RYA Racing Charter page which explains it's objectives, principles, practices, and application

Sailing Instructions

The following documents explain how disputes during racing will be dealt with and the principle that apply:
1) A summary explaining how rule disputes can be dealt with at Broadwater SC
2) A one page poster style summary of "what to do" for an Advisory, Arbitration or Protest hearing
3) Six pages of guidance notes for Advisory and Arbitration hearing

Notes for Race Officers

Please bring least a litre of milk to facilitate the tea and coffee making for the Sunday morning series racing.  You can reclaim the cost from the club treasurer.

Ensure you photograph or scan the Race Officer Sheets and Competitor Sign On Sheets and email them to so we can publish results quickly.

Please make sure you are clear about how NOT to create a hook finish as these create confusion. See the Annex 3 - Handicap Race Finish Line below. 

If there are only a few sign on sheets left please tell someone on the Race Committee.