Broadwater Lake, off Moorhall Road
Harefield, Middlesex UB9 6PD
10 mins from the M25/M40 junction

Club Duty

Club members are required to take a turn on duty which involves being at the clubhouse for a half day on either a Saturday or Sunday as a condition of membership. This is a very important aspect of your membership and should not be treated lightly. For those happy to do so, this include operating a small rescue boat in case people get into difficulty whilst on the water.

Club Duty Instructions can be downloaded here.

The Safety Boat Operating Instructions can be downloaded here.

Please remember that if you cannot do the allocated date/time it is your responsibility to arrange a swap, and you have agreed to either do the allocated duty or arrange a swap when signing the membership form.  We suggest that if needing to arrange a swap you do so as soon as the duty is allocated.  The closer to the duty date you leave it the less likely a swap request will be accepted.

Contacting the Duty Secretary and saying you can't do a duty shortly before the day does not change your responsibility for that duty.  You must try to arrange a swap as there is nothing the  Duty Secretary can do at short notice to allocate a replacement.  Please only contact the Duty Secretary ( if all swap requests go unanswered. 

Please remember to sign the sheet to the right hand side of the galley hatch so we no you were their on the day. The members who fail to turn up for a duty get be contacted by the Club Secretary and usually reallocated the first available duty which may be ay shorter notice than normal.

Duty Rota Management

The duty rota is managed by the Dutyman website where you can see your allocated duty and also request a swap with someone else if it occurs at an inconvenient time.

Click here to go to the Broadwater Duty Rota.

Dutyman sends an email notification of your duty when the duty is created and also sends a reminder email 15 days before the duty and again 5 days before. You can confirm your availability online.

If you want to swap your duty, click the right hand side "Duty Swap" tab and follow the instructions. You are able to request a swap with one or up to 20 other members as only the first positive response will be accepted. Take care to only request a swap with other members who are allocated the same duty. You should not swap a Club Duty with Safety Boat or Race Officer with Assistant Race Officer as the two duties will not be managed on the same rota basis.

 A swap can be arranged verbally but please ensure that the swap is confirmed via the online rota so that everyone else is informed.