News 2017

Key Activities

2018 Membership forms are in the post.
We have introduced stickers for the boat park.
One is for your trolley, the other is for your trailer. Both to be placed at the sharp end!
Abandoned boats & trailers not displaying stickers will then be more readily identifiable.
The stickers are in your membership pack. Please ignore the conflicting instructions on those stickers.

Racing Series
The winter race series continues
10.00 am start for the Pursuit race,
11.45 am start for the Handicap race.

The Wednesday morning winter pursuit racing series
also continues with a start time of 11am.

Spring Work Party
Saturday 10th March, 9:30am
As many hands as possible required for the post-winter tidying of the club.
There will be bags of Ready-mix Post Concrete and short lengths of chain supplied for members to tether their boats to avoid future occurrences of this, photographed in the last few weeks:

Unthethered Boat Pic Unthethered Boat Pic Unthethered Boat Pic

Solo Open
Broadwater opens the Open series on 11th March 2018.
See poster for details.

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